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Tara Framer Design is comprised of experienced designers, writers, photographers, and programmers. Under the leadership of principal Tara Framer, president and lead designer, the experts at Tara Framer Design are able to meet your most challenging design projects with results that are fresh, imaginative, and results-oriented.

Tara Framer Design is a small company with BIG talent - but without big overhead. Every client who works with us gets a high level of expertise and creativity, without the high costs.

Meet Tara Framer...

When did you first know you wanted to design?

When I was a teen. I used to pore over the pages of Vogue and of Interview, clipping articles about Andy Warhol and The Factory. I was fascinated by the beauty and designs of the pages. I knew I wanted to become the person who decided what went into the magazines.

Describe some of your significant work experiences and accomplishments?

Who has been your biggest influence?

Milton Glazer. Gail Anderson of Spotco. The amazing and inspiring Seth Godin. I was very fortunate to have been able to work for him.

When and why did you start your own company?

I started my firm in 2002. My goal was to bring a new level of creativity and to clients in a more direct fashion – without the layers found in large agencies. I was especially eager to serve not-for-profit organizations who needed marketing expertise. And I developed very strong relationships with my many corporate clients as well.

What defines Tara Framer Design?

We’re extremely approachable, fast, and reasonably priced. But most importantly, we’re passionate about our work. We love what we do, and it shows. We come up with solutions you don’t see everywhere else, while remaining true to our client's mission.

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